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Practical Strategies for Building Equity & Cashflow

Finally! Experienced and Highly Successful Property Developer Peter Comben Reveals All You Need To Know To become a Property Developer.

“How to Safely Generate Significant Equity and Cashflow
through Property Development”

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Ordinary Real Estate Investors Find It Almost Impossible To Acquire Property at Wholesale Prices - but NOT Developers. Why Fight the Crowds Hopelessly Searching for that Illusive 'Bargain' - Go Build Your Own!

Peter knows development. He'll teach you the strategies crucial for maximum profit, and even more importantly, he'll show you the pitfalls, and how to avoid them.

Peter has been a successful developer for over 22 years and veteran of over 50 projects. He now spends a portion of his time guiding investors in the tricky business of property development.

See what a recent attendee of Peter’s Workshop had to say!

“I attended the Peter Comben’s Smart Property Development course in mid 2007. I initially attended courses on property with too many angles and not enough focus for me on Development, until I attended this course.

Peter runs a really informative, well structured and real time course that allows yo u to feel confident that property development is not out of your reach. He showed how with focus and commitment we can all do well from development. He directs us how to gain more knowledge and plan projects well. A year later I am now completing my first, with the second development now underway.

Peter gave me sufficient knowledge of the process and confidence allowing me to move more assertively into the Property world...I now await the advanced program please!”

- Michael C (Sydney)

To educate investors, Peter conducts comprehensive and informative Introductory Developer Workshops.
He'll walk you through the entire process
, showing you what to look for, and how to make it happen.

A number of Peters students have commenced projects which will make them hundreds of thousands of dollars profit only weeks after completing the course. This will really open your eyes to a whole new world.

What Peter teaches in the Workshop:

"A comprehensive overview of what property development is"

You Will Learn How to
Become a Property Developer!

Peter will take you through each of the steps in the development process, including:

  • Property Sourcing - How to identify and secure prime properties.
    Plus, you'll discover how to generate a stream of amazing referrals.. because the very best deals Are Not Advertised - they come to you by word of mouth when you know how to encourage referrals!
  • Project assessment - This is where you make your money. It's about learning how to identify winners, and how to maximize the use of a proposed site.
  • Financial feasibility analysis - We live by the numbers - no emotion here. Learn how to do your sums - this is absolutely critical!!
  • Risk management - Don't be a property cowboy - one day you're sure to fall off the horse! Peter will show you how to minimize risks and make sure they don't derail your development.
  • Planning Permit Applications - Learn how to get them through, learn how to minimise cost and maximise profit!
  • Liasing with local councils - Smart developers work with councils - Peter will show you how.
  • Project Financing - Never underestimate this often overlooked area. Peter will show you strategies to run your project financing so as to maximize your profitability, plus, Peter will point you in the direction of some of the smartest 'money' people in the country.
  • Project Management - Once you are underway, you need to stay on track - delays are a Risk and an Expense - Learn How To Avoid Them!
  • Project Delivery - Development is just like renovation - presentation is crucial. Peter will show you how to make your projects sizzle - even if you're working in lower priced areas.
  • Project Marketing - Learn how to stand out from the crowd!
  • Investing at wholesale prices - this is what it's all about. One true wholesale investment each year can set you up financially for life.
  • Retaining property through Development - Peter will show you how to hold on to your development stock so that price appreciation compounds your returns. -this is how Massive Wealth is accumulated.

Start building your property portfolio
at Wholesale Prices!!

Come along, learn the development process and learn to Think Like A Developer.

Peter will show you how to:

  • Create your own development opportunities,
  • Learn about Win – Win Joint Ventures -
    No Money? No Problem!! - learn how to partner with the property owner or other investors for Multiplied Returns!
  • Learn how to Create Your Own Cash-Flow Positive Properties
  • Learn how to acquire capital-growth properties at Wholesale Prices.

You can do our workshop at home. 6 DVD / CD pack and manual for $550.

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